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1. 10.18577/2307-6046-2016-0-1-3-9
УДК 669.85:621.318.2
Min P.G., Vadeev V.E., Piskorsky V.P., Kramer V.V.
Development of melting technology of high pure REM–Fe–Co–B alloys for temperature-stable magnets

The influence of the ceramic crucible on chemical composition stability and purity of the REM–Fe–Co–B alloy during melting in a vacuum induction furnace is studied. It is shown that using MgO and Y2O3 as a working layer of the crucible allows to increase REM content stability in REM–Fe–Co–B system alloys and ensure high purity from aluminum and oxygen impurities. Usage of cobalt «K0» grade instead of «K1Au» grade as charge material leads to a significant reduction of nickel content in the melted alloy. For the first time the technology of melting of REM–Fe–Co–B alloys for temperature-stable magnets is designed. providing stability of chemical composition (REM ±1% by mass. from goal value, Co and B ±0,5% mass. from goal value) and high purity (aluminum and nickel impurities ≤0,1% mass. of each, oxygen impurity ≤0,05% by mass).

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2. 10.18577/2307-6046-2016-0-1-10-16
УДК 669.245
Rigin V.E., Sidorov V.V., Burtsev V.T.
Nitrogen removal from complex-alloyed melts based on nickel in process of decarburization

It is found that in the process of decarburization of complex-alloyed nickel melts nitrogen is released together with the carbon to form the CO compound. As a melt alloying increases the denitride effect decreales. The intensity of denitride process during melt decarboning favours transition of [С]+[О]=СОg reaction in bubble mode («carbon boiling process»), that achieved by preliminary introduction carbon in melt and correspending increase of nickel oxide quantity.

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3. 10.18577/2307-6046-2016-0-1-17-24
УДК 629.7.023.222
Smirnov A.A., Budinovskiy S.A., Matveev P.V., Chubarov D.A.
The development of thermal barrier coatings for turbine blades of single-crystal nickel alloys VZHM4, VZHM5U

Investigations of isothermal heat resistance of single-crystal nickel alloys VZHM4, VZHM5U samples for high-pressure turbine blades with thermal barrier coatings at temperatures 1200 and 1150°C on the basis of 100 and 500 hours are undertaken. The results of metallographic examinations of samples are provided.

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4. 10.18577/2307-6046-2016-0-1-25-35
УДК 629.7.023.224
Artemenko N.I., Muboyadzhyan S.A.
Engineering method of estimating the magnitude and nature of the internal stresses in the condensed monolayer reinforcing coatings

In the paper an engineering technique of estimating the internal stresses arising in the coating after deposition and also during operation at elevated temperatures is proposed. The dependences of magnitude and character of the internal stress on the melting temperature of coating and base materials are revealed as well as upper and lower limits of the melting temperature of the coating material ensuring the maximum allowable strain in the coating. The influence of the coating thickness on the magnitude of the internal stresses is reviewed, a formula for determination of the internal stress in the coating after deposition depending on the melting temperature of the coating and base materials, their thickness and elastic modulus is found.

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5. 10.18577/2307-6046-2016-0-1-36-41
УДК 678.067.5
Popov J.O., Kolokoltseva T.V., Gusev Y.A., Gromova A.A.
Development of the constructive and technological solution for a sheet fibreglass for tail section skins of helicopter rotor blades

A description how to create fiberglass for tail section skins of helicopter rotor blades instead of the currently used skins of organic textolite is provided. In order to make the skins it was decided to use unidirectional prepreg and two layers of glass textileforming in autoclave a monolith plastic with fixed binder content.. A selection of optimal reinforcement scheme from two options is executed. Bench test results showed that at the chosen reinforcement scheme the fiberglass plastic has high strength characteristics, endurance crack resistance and meets all the requirements for the tail section skins of helicopter blades.

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6. 10.18577/2307-6046-2016-0-1-42-49
УДК 620.178.6:678.026
Bogatov V.A., Krynin A.G., Popkov O.V., Khokhlov Y.A.
Influence of biaxial strain on the properties of the transparent conductive coating deposited on PET film by reactive magnetron sputtering

Research results of effect of biaxial deformation on electrical and optical properties of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films with a transparent conductive coating of indium oxide alloyed by е tin (ITO) obtained by magnetron sputtering as a part of the organic triplex produced by a method of autoclave formation are presented. Suggestions on main causes of changes in resistance of the samples in the cyclic biaxial strain and subsequent relaxation are proposed.

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7. 10.18577/2307-6046-2016-0-1-50-55
УДК 544.01:669
Morozova G.I.
The importance of physicochemical phase analysis technique in the development of aviation metallic material science and creation of Ni-based superalloys. (Dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the N.I. Blok’s birth)

In this paper the historical aspect of foundation and development of physicochemical phase analysis technique for investigation of aviation alloys with different basic metals was considered. This work is dedicated to the memory of Natalia I. Blok in connection with the 125th anniversary of her birth. In fairness, it must be said that N.I. Blok and her research team discovered the γ'-phase in Nickel superalloy EI437B and founded the role of aluminum in γ'-phase formation, which was done for the first time in the world. This discovery contributed to the accelerated development of new superalloys for hot sections of gas turbine engines. The discovery of the fine dispersed γ'-phase formed the basis of the theory of heterophase superalloys strengthening, this theory was advocated by the academician S.T.Kishkin. The main achievements in the field of research of nickel alloys chemistry by the physicochemical phase analysis applicable in selection of new alloy compositions, in study of phase t

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8. 10.18577/2307-6046-2016-0-1-56-61
УДК 621.3.088:669.245
Goundobin N.V., Titov V.I., Pilipenko L.V., Dvoretskov R.M.
Determination of boron in alloys of Ni–Ti system

This article describes a technique of the determination of boron (0,002–0,1 % wt.) in alloys of the Ni–Ti system (nitinol) using extraction-photometric method. To perform photometric measurements of solutions of Ni-Ti alloy nitrochrompyrazol reagent was selected, which forms a complex compound of magenta color with an anion of BF4- in the acidic solution of boron-bearing alloy. The intensity of color is proportional to boron concentration in the sample solution. In order to enhance reproducibility of analysis, reduce errors and eliminate the influence of impurities Nb, Ti, Zr, Fe, W and others, which are often presented in alloys of this type, a method of separating nitrochrompyrazol-boron complex compound from interfering components of alloy by means of its extraction by dichloroethane is proposed. On basis of the study a measurement technique of extraction-photometric determination of boron in the concentration range of 0,002–0,1% wt. in alloys of the Ni–Ti system has been developed

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9. 10.18577/2307-6046-2016-0-1-62-79
УДК 620.187
Orlov M.R., Grigorenko V.B., Morozova L.V., Naprienko S.A.
Research of operational damages of bearings by methods of optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and Х-ray microanalysis

Different types of operational damages of bearings of the complex technical systems, being both a cause of failure and consequence of violation of operation conditions are considered. On example of bearings damaged under operation or at tests the reasons of loss of their working capacity are established. Methods of Scanning Electron Microscopy have been used for investigation of mechanisms of fatigue and static failure of parts from bearing steels. Defects of metallurgical origin in the central zones of damages of bearings have been investigated by method of X-ray Microanalysis. Microstructure of the damaged parts of bearings has been studied by method of optical microscopy and a nature of its change in case of thermal influence has been determined

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10. 10.18577/2307-6046-2016-0-1-80-89
УДК 678.747.2
Nikolaev E.V., Barbotko S.L., Andreeva N.P., Pavlov M.R.
Comprehensive research of the influence of climatic and operational factors on new generation epoxy binding and polymeric composite materials on its basis Part 2. Substantiation of the choice of modes and conducting heat aging of polymeric composite materials based on epoxy matrix

The effect of higher temperature and moisture content on basic mechanical and thermal characteristics of carbon fiber and glass fiber plastic based on epoxy binder has been studied. The most sensitive response has been chosen to calculate the activation energies of the aging process and make predictions of retentive properties of polymeric composite materials.

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11. 10.18577/2307-6046-2016-0-1-90-98
УДК 667.621
Babin A.N., Guseva M.A., Grebeneva T.A., Tkachuk A.I.
Study of the rheological and structural characteristics of the epoxy resins, modified by polyisocyanate
The effect of the quantity of polyisocyanate entering into reaction with epoxy oligomers containing hydroxyl groups with formation of urethane, on viscosity and change of structure of epoxy oligomers has been studied by methods of rotational viscometry and IR spectroscopy. Stability of the received epoxy-urethane oligomers is investigated at heat treatment.
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12. 10.18577/2307-6046-2016-0-1-99-106
УДК 678.8
Cherfas L.V., Gunyaeva A.G., Komarova O.A., Antyufeeva N.V.
The analysis of nanomodified prepreg shelf life by its reactivity at storage

The experiments have been performed to assess the influence of nano-additives (astralens and thermo-expanded graphite) on the shelf life of prepregs made on basis of carbon full-strength fabric and polycyanurate mortar binder at a room and lower temperatures in an industrial refrigerator. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) was chosen as a basis of the analysis. The experimental DSC curves with detailed description of a reokinetic behavior of the analyzed prepregs were obtained. The conclusions of the shelf life for the investigated nanomodified prepregs were presented according to the results of the analysis.

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