About the Journal

The All-Russian institute of aviation materials (FSUE “VIAM” SRC) is the largest Russian state materials science enterprise, which more than 80 years develops and produces materials defining the level of up-to-date aerospace engineering equipment. Over 1700 employees of VIAM work in more than 30 research laboratories, departments, production shops and at testing center and also at four branches of the institute. VIAM executes orders on development and supply of metal and non-metal materials, coatings, production processes and equipment, corrosion protection methods and facilities for testing initial products, semi-finished products and finished articles on their basis. Works are conducted both in line with the state programs of the Russian Federation and by requests of leading enterprises of the domestic aerospace complex and foreign companies. 

In 1994 VIAM was given the status of the State Research Center, this status was confirmed many times.

The scientific and technical collection of articles «Proceedings of VIAM» («Trudy VIAM») has been published by the All-Union scientific-research institute of aviation materials from 1956 until 1969. The purpose of this collection was to acquaint employees of research institutes and plants of the aviation industry with VIAM activities on research of metal, non-metal and functional materials applied in the aviation industry. The collection was of a great scientific and practical value, and some articles are widely quoted so far.

In the year of the 80th anniversary of VIAM foundation, the Presidium of the Scientific and Technical Council of VIAM made a decision to start up a new on-line monthly journal «Proceedings of VIAM» («Trudy VIAM») taking the previous experience as the basis. The journal will be distributed via Internet being open and free for all users.

The purpose of the new on-line journal is information of the scientific community on scientific activities, developments and new results produced by VIAM staff and scientists of other enterprises in cooperation with VIAM.

The following themes are covered in the journal: 

  • Magnesium and aluminum alloys 
  •  Titanium alloys 
  •  Steels
  •  Functional materials 
  •  Paint-and-lacquer coatings 
  •  Polymer and intellectual composite materials 
  •  High-temperature and heat resistant metal and ceramic materials 
  •  Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies
  •  Testing of materials 
  •  Protection of materials against external attacks and coatings 
  •  History of the aviation materials science 

The journal accepts for the publication short comments or debatable notes about earlier published papers. These comments or notes will be placed in the journal directly behind the main paper. Recommendations for publication of such comments or notes are not required, but their volume should not exceed 3000 signs. 

Citing with scientific, polemic or information purposes in the volume justified by the purpose of citing is allowed without consent of the Editorial Board, but indication of the citing source (author, name of the edition and/or a paper, place and year of the publication, pages) is obligatory. 

The third parties and/or enterprises are not permitted to issue and/or distribute the papers published in the journal for commercial purposes both on hard and electronic copies.