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УДК 669.018.44
Gerasimov V. V., Demonis I.M.
The formation of the compositional structure of the eutectic alloys upon receipt of GTE blades

In a review article the authors provide information about the development of the technology of directional solidification patterns and GTE blades with the first experimental steps to test the technology of casting of blades in the factory. The section presents data on change of chemical composition, structure and properties of the height of samples of alloys of the system γ/γ'-MeС as well as on technological and design fea-tures of equipment for the implementation of the solidification of alloys of type ВКЛС. The article is useful for students and young employees VIAM.

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УДК 669.018.44
Belicov A.V., Gerasimov V. V., Visik E.M.
Technology of receiving samples for certification of the heat resisting alloys melted with application of waste of foundry production of plants of branch

The article is devoted to the description of the certification process of the mechanical properties of the material semifinished-products manufactured in VIAM with the use of foundry waste plants of the industry. Asked for producing monocrystalline billets for samples for determination of mechanical properties of technical conditions on alloy use полупромышленную installation of directional solidification In 1790, which gives a great economic effect in the case of small-tonnage production and supply of alloys on the requests of the enterprises of the industry.

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УДК 667.637:638.84:666.1:66.0
Kitaeva N.S., Muhanova E.E., Deev I.S.
High-heatresistant waterproof coverings for a heat-shielding material on the base of quartz fiber

The overview material have presented on development, characteristic and use for the orbiter thermal protection elements waterproof systems on base silicon oligomers. Emphases is spared to development of ways of interflight waterproof theatment. Operational efficiency hydrophobic-coated tiles on the base of superfine quartz fiber (TZMK-10 and TZMK-25) is confirmed with positive results of postflight control of hydrophobic coatings of the heat-protective elements dismantled from returned flight vehicles.

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УДК 666.762.14
Maximov V.G., Basargin O.V., Shcheglova T.M., Nikitina V.J.
The effect of superplasticity in mullite–zirconia polydisperse ceramic with grain size larger then 10 mkm

The flexure deformation of ceramic mullite-based samples modified by zirconia, was investigated in this work at elevated temperatures. The effects of superplasticity and elastic afterwork were found to exist at definite conditions. The explanation of these facts based upon the structure of the material. The recommendations for application and modification of such materials are presented in the paper.

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УДК 621.791.14
Samorukov M.L.
Development of the method of static bend angle determining of friction welded samples made from steel VKS-180-ID

The article is about the results of determining of static bending angle of welded samples made by continuous drive friction welding. The drawing of the test sample is shown. Тhe methodology of determining of static bending angle is developed.

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УДК 678.5
Petrova G.N., Rumyantseva T.V., Beider E.Ya.
Тhe influence of the modifying additives on the flameproof properties and manufacturability of polycarbonate

Article present results of researches on modification of polycarbonate to reduce its flammability and improve the technological performance. Studied the effect of modifiers – ABS and PBT, flame retardants – Decabromodiphenyloxide, melamine cyanurate, phosphate melamine, and compatibilizers – Booster (Germany) and butadiene styrene thermoplastic elastomer DST on properties of the polymer.

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