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1. 10.18577/2307-6046-2017-0-4-1-1
УДК 621.74
Ospennikova O.G., Rassokhina L.I., Bityutskaya O.N., Gamazina M.V.
Development of technology for production of castings by the method of directional solidification of GTE blades made of alloys based on Nb–Si composite

Discusses issues related to the development of technological process of production of casting blades of gas turbine engines from an alloy based on Nb–Si composite. Optimized extrusion parameters and the properties of high-refractory ceramic members consisting of yttrium oxide. Made of ceramic shell molds and investigated their basic characteristics. Held die-casting blades high temperature alloy based on Nb–Si directional solidification. Studied the nature of the interaction of the melt with the material and shape of the rod. Conclusions about efficiency of the developed technologies for producing ceramic cores and forms on the basis of yttrium oxide in the casting of blades from alloy on the basis of Nb–Si composite. The work is executed within the implementation of the complex scientific direction 9.1. «High-temperature single-crystal superalloys, including natural composites» («The strategic directions of development of materials and technologies of their processing for the period

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2. 10.18577/2307-6046-2017-0-4-2-2
УДК 669.018.44
Kablov D.E., Sidorov V.V., Min P.G., Puchkov Yu.A.
Influence of surface-active impurities and lanthanum on structure and properties of singlecrystal nickel superalloy ZhS36

It is shown that impurity surface-active elements oxygen and sulfur contribute to the formation of misaligned (stray) grains and accelerate the diffusion at interfaces, growth of pores, cracks and coarsening of the hardening γ'-phase. Lanthanum is superior in refining capacity than the other rare-earth metals and magnesium, and the introduction of lanthanum addition allows to obtain ultrapure in the content of oxygen and sulfur alloy ZhS36, and to decrease misaligned grain defect formation. Segregating at interfaces, lanthanum replaces sulfur and decrease interface diffusion and mobility of interface dislocations. It is shown that lanthanum is a highly effective refining, microalloying and modifying addition that increase high temperature strength, cyclic strain life and heat resistance of ZhS36 single crystals. The work was performed with in the scope of complex scientific direction 10.1. realization: «The resourse saved technology of perspective cast and wrought supper alloy melting

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3. 10.18577/2307-6046-2017-0-4-3-3
УДК 669.018.44:669.245
Min P.G., Sidorov V.V., Vadeev V.E.
Regular features of silicon behavior in melting and directional solidification of single-crystal superalloys

The silicon reduction from a ceramic mold on account of melt interaction in directional solidification of ZhS32-VI and VZhM5-VI single-crystal superalloys for gas turbine blades was studied. It is proved that saturation with silicon took place for a reason of interaction of carbon with free silicon oxide included in the composition of the ceramic mold. It is founded that saturation with silicon occurs of non-carbon single-crystal alloys 4 times slower than carbon-containing alloys. The possibility of form refractory compounds with sulfur and yttrium which remove from melt by filtration with different speed was confirmed. But low efficiency of this method waw founded.

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4. 10.18577/2307-6046-2017-0-4-4-4
УДК 669.018.44:669.245
Min P.G., Sidorov V.V., Kablov D.E., Vadeev V.E.
Refining of single-crystal superalloys to remove a sulfur and silicon impurity and eliminating unfavorable effect of phosphorus

A selection of deactivator elements for refining to remove a sulfur and silicon impurity and eliminating unfavorable effect of phosphorus in single-crystal superalloys during vacuum induction melting was made. High chemical affinity for impurities, cost, spreading in nature and physicochemical characteristics were the criteria of selection. The highest efficiency of RAE for forming refractory compounds was shown: lanthanum for phosphorus, yttrium for silicon, lanthanum and yttrium for sulfur.

The efficiency of single-crystal superalloys melts refining for forming refractory compounds with sulfur, phosphorus, silicon and RAE were tested experimentally. It is founded that the degree of sulfur removal was 89% maximally. The reducing of silicon contain have low efficiency (12%). In contrast to sulfur and silicon the phosphorus contain is not reducing, but his unfavorable effect to high temperature strength of single-crystals is eliminating because high melting temperature of lanthanum phosphide.

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5. 10.18577/2307-6046-2017-0-4-5-5
УДК 678.8
Solovyanchik L.V., Kondrashov S.V., Shashkeev K.A., Marachovskiy P.C., Soldstov M.A.
A new approach to impart to polymer composites functional properties

In this paper we propose a new approach to the preparation of the higly filled hibrid polyner composites, application of the modified carbon nanotubes are produced from the binder dispersion, wherein the dispersion used volatile solvent (acetone). The particles of the dispersed phase contains native CNTs, or CNTs modified functional groups, oxide resin, hardener. Cases of unauthorized use of CNTs in the dispersion includes a modifier. As the modifier used polymers ensure the covalent functionalization of nanotubes and regulatory interactions in the system CNTs/CNTs and CNTs/matrix.

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6. 10.18577/2307-6046-2017-0-4-6-6
УДК 69.018.95
Voinov S.I., Zhelezina G.F., Volkov I.A., Solovjova N.A.
Corrosion inhibitors in fiber-metal laminates based on aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastics

The article discusses opportunity of application corrosion inhibitors in the layered metal-polymer composite material based on aluminum alloy sheets and layers of carbon fiber. The influence of corrosion inhibitors on corrosion processes, that occur when aluminum alloy sheet contacts with layer of carbon fiber, was investigated. Layered composite «aluminum–carbon fiber reinforced plastic» with separation layer, witch is contented corrosion inhibitors, has high corrosion resistance, which allows to consider layered composite «aluminum-carbon fiber reinforced plastic» as perspective material for application in aviation technology. This work was done as part of the complex scientific direction 6.2. «Layered crack resistance, high strength metal-polymer materials» («The strategic directions of development of materials and technologies of their processing for the period till 2030»)

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7. 10.18577/2307-6046-2017-0-4-7-7
УДК 678.8
Sorokin A.E., Platonov M.M., Malyshenok S.V.
Features of foaming of polyimide pitches with reduced pressure

The approach of the blowing polyimide resins and thereof compositions under reduced pressure is considered in the article. A comparison of the properties of foams obtained by foaming in air and under reduced pressure has been made. It was shown that the foaming under vacuum allows to obtain material possessing more stable strength properties and high thermal stability. A comparison of the properties of the material obtained from imported developments has been made. The technology of their production, properties and processing of different geometries products have been shown. The work was performed as part of the strategic direction number 16. «Ultra-light foam» («The strategic directions of development of materials and technologies of their processing for the period till 2030»)

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8. 10.18577/2307-6046-2017-0-4-8-8
УДК 621.792
Krasnov L.L., Еliseev O.A., Kirina Z.V., Venediktova M.A., Rogovitskiy V.A.
Research and modification of the heat-resistant sealing composition and the development of manufacturing technology of the tape sealant based on it

This article describes the results of experimental work to clarify the formulation of paste-like sealant brand VIKSINT U-2-28 replacement part hydrophobic and the structuring of the liquid GKZh 136-41 on the hydrophobic liquid Penta 808А or Penta 804. The reason for this replacement is due to the problem of getting liquid polyethylsiloxane GKZh 136-41 due to the lack of raw materials – product ethyldichlorosilane. The results of comparative analysis of technological, physical, mechanical properties of band sealers are fabricated using a variety of waterproofing fluids.

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9. 10.18577/2307-6046-2017-0-4-9-9
УДК 678.073
Petrova G.N., Larionov S.A., Sapego Yu. A., Platonov M.M.
Rheological properties of the thermoplastic composition with a reduced fire hazard polycarbonate-based: depending on the temperature processing; effect on mechanical properties and stability dimension objects created software FDM-technology

The article presents the results of studies on the dependence of the rheological properties developed by FSUE «VIAM» thermoplastic composition based on modified polycarbonate compared to ABS-plastic and polyamide Nylon-618, widely used nowadays for 3D-printing. It is shown that increase in data processing temperatures of the materials leads to a reduction of melt viscosity. It is found that the modified polycarbonate has a large value of melt viscosity, which determines its higher processing temperature than ABS-plastic. The optimum processing temperature of the materials. It is shown that in the selected temperature range processing strength and deformation properties are maximal, and shrinkage – minimum value. The results will significantly reduce the time to perfect the mode of 3D-printing and to improve the quality of manufactured products.

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10. 10.18577/2307-6046-2017-0-4-10-10
УДК 669.018.28:669.721.5
Titov V.I., Dvoretskov R.M.
Determination of calcium as a dopant in the casting of magnesium alloys of the Mg–Al–Zn–Mn and spectrophotometric atomic emission techniques

The result of this work it is shown that the photometric determination of calcium main alloying elements (Al, Zn, Mn), present in the casting of magnesium alloys of the Mg–Al–Zn–Mn, no effect on the magnitude of optical density for determining the content of calcium in the alloy. To obtain reproducible results, the experiment should be carried out in a quartz dish.

Determination of calcium in magnesium alloys by atomic-emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma and simultaneously allows to define other alloying elements comprising the alloy. It was found that they do not adversely affect the quantitative determination of calcium. For the studied calcium concentration range selected the most sensitive and the least susceptible to interference of analytic line Ca.

To control the correctness and reliability of the determination by analyzing the results of calcium magnesium alloys used in model solutions. The content items are within tolerances.

Procedures for photometric and atomic-emission determination of calcium in casting magnesium alloys of the Mg–Al–Zn–Mn.

The work is executed within the implementation of the complex scientific direction 2.1. «Fundamental Oriented Research» («The strategic directions of development of materials and technologies of their processing for the period till 2030»)

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11. 10.18577/2307-6046-2017-0-4-11-11
УДК 004.057.2:620.1
Gorbovets M.A., Kochetkov D.A., Khodinev I.A.
The analysis and comparison of the RF and foreign standards for method of thermomechanical fatigue tests

This paper analyzes the standards GOST 25.505–85 «Calculations and strength tests. Methods of mechanical testing of metals. Test method for thermomechanical low-cycle fatigue» and ASTME 2368-10 «Practice for Strain Controlled Thermomechanical fatigue testing» to get an idea about specifics of carrying out tests for thermomechanical fatigue and identify differences between these standards.

There are no significant differences between the samples of cylindrical forms and sizes of the working parts. Russian standard specifies necessary requirements for manufacturing precision of working part of sample. Standard ASTME 2368-10 contains more stringent requirements to the accuracy of loading and a more detailed description of the test procedure than GOST 25.505–85. The US standard provides guidance and refers to the practical guidance on calibration of measuring systems.

The existing state standard GOST 25.505–85 needs substantial improvement in accordance with modern requirements.

Work is performed within realization of the complex scientific 2.2. «Qualifications and research of materials» («The strategic directions of development of materials and technologies of their processing for the period till 2030») 

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12. 10.18577/2307-6046-2017-0-4-12-12
УДК 678.8
Sevastyanov D.V., Doriomedov M.S., Daskovskiy M.I., Skripachyov S.Yu.
Single-polymer composites – classification, synthesis, mechanical properties and application (review)

Single-polymer composites (i.e. polymer-polymer composites in which both the matrix and reinforcement are of the same thermoplastic polymer) were surveyed. Methods for the preparation of such composites were presented. Analysis of mechanical properties for single-polymer composites as compared to conventional glass fiber-reinforced polymer composites was performed. Prospects for application of single-polymer composites in various industrial fields were discussed.

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