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УДК 621.791
Lukin V.I., Banas I.P., Koval’chuk V.G., Golev E.V.
Tig welding of high-strengthened cemented steel VNS-63

The parameters of TIG welding technology of steel VNS-63 sampleswere selected. Investigation of welded samples made from VNS-63 were conducted. Mechanical properties and structure of welded samples, the influence of welding technology and heat treatment on the mechanical properties were investigated.

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УДК 621.791.3
Rylnikov V.S., Lukin V.I.
Solder used for soldering materials aviation applications

The article provides a summary of the solders currently used in the aviation industry. Highlight their strengths and weaknesses. The main field of application.

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УДК 678.8
Vlasenko F.S., Raskutin A.E.
Applying frp in building structures

The paper considers a number of FRP applications in the construction industry in Russia and abroad, the advantages and disadvantages of FRP compared with traditional materials. Given the technology trends and use of such products as FRP Rebar and FRP bridge decks. The basic constraints of the market FRP for construction purposes in Russia.

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УДК 666.489
Nesterova T.A., Barbotko S.L., Nikolaeva M.F., Gerter J.A.
Multi-layer protective and decorative material for decorating details in the cabin of aircraft and helicopters

Developed a multi-layer protective and decorative material mark «poliplex» which is a one-way fiberglass protective and decorative coating of rubber-based copolymers of ftoroplast. The physical, physico - mechanical properties of the material, fireproof  properties of the material, and also as a part of covering and three-layered sandwich structures are studied. Material meets the requirements of domestic and foreign aviation regulations AP-25, FAR 25 and CS-25 on fireproof properties (flammability, smoke generation and heat dissipation). Material multi-layer protective and decorative mark «poliplex» is recommended for the decoration of walls, ceilings, storage compartments and other parts made of glass-, organic plastics and three-layered sandwich panels in the cabin of aircraft and helicopters, as well as a repair option. Material «polyplex» can be opera

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УДК 667.6
Kuznetsova V.A., Semenova L.V., Kondrashov E.K., Lebedeva T.A.
Paint-and-lacquer materials with a low content of harmful and toxic components for painting units and design of polymer composite materials

Due to with toughening of requirements to protection of the environment assume ever greater importance materials, manufacture and application of which is not associated with the use of toxic and flammable organic substances. Paint-and-lacquer materials for painting units and design of polymer composite materials are very diverse. Many of them specially developed for this purpose, thus they have to provide a strong bond coating with to the surface of plastic, possibility of drying the coatings at a temperature not causing of melting and destruction of plastic, coating resistance to operation conditions.

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УДК 667.621.262.2
Sharova I.A., Petrova A.P.
Review of world adhesive and sealant conference (WAC-2012, France)

This paper provides an overview and information about developed in the world adhesives, and technologies of their processing and utilization including the green performance of adhesives.

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