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УДК 66.065.5
Kablov E.N., Gerasimov V. V., Visik E.M., Demonis I.M.
Role of the directed solidification in the resource-saving production technologies of details of GTD

The role of the directed of solidification heat resisting alloys as effective process in resource-saving technology is shown by production of small-sized disks of turbines; in-troduction in production of intermetallic alloys like VKNA with single-crystal structure; development of high-rhenium heat resisting alloys when molding single-crystal shovels of turbines.

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УДК 669.018.44:669.295
Kashapov O.S., Novak A.V., Nochovnaya N.A., Pavlova T.V.
State, problems and prospects of heat-resistant titanium alloys for GTE parts

The paper describes the main aspects of the development and application of titanium alloys for turbine engine parts, comparison of the physical and mechanical properties of heat-resistant titanium and titanium aluminides alloys by different generations. The directions of the development of materials and technologies of the class were shown

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УДК 669.725
Kas’kov V.S.
Beryllium – structural material for space shuttle

At VIAM (VETC branch of VIAM) the shops were created: machine, heat-treating, galvanic, non-destructive testing, Quality Control Department. About 400 pcs beryllium disc frames were produced with protection system (10 sets). A low density (d=1850 kg/m3) and high elasticity modulus (E=290 GPa) ensure beryllium an excellent value of specific elasticity modulus (E/d), that is six times higher as in comparison with corresponding parameters for steels, titanium and aluminum alloys. A specific feature of beryllium is its comparatively low ductility and workability, toxicity under treatment. Investigation of beryllium materials workability included tests of processing ductility under sheet forming and die forging, weldability under different methods of welding, study of brazing technology, corrosion resistance in different medium, machinability under turning, milling, grinding, electric erosion cutting. All these tasks were solved successfully. No traces of corrosion were discovered after o

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УДК 669.715+678.034
Antipov V.V., Senatorova O.G., Sidelnikov V.V.
Investigation of fire resistance of hybrid aluminium-glassplastic SIAL laminates

The results of fire resistance tests (resistance to propagation of flame) of SIAL-type aluminium-glassplastic Laminates of varions structure and composition (in the first turn, on a base of 1441 Al–Li alloy sheets) are presented. Tests of specimens, having 200×200 mm working area on laboratory set ups under the influence of gas fire, showed, that SIAL allow (in comparison with monolithic sheets of aluminum alloys) to increase the time of burn-through by the order (from 1,5 min to 15 min at 1100°C), to preserve a rigidness of structure and thus to increase the time of evacuation passengers from an aircraft. The mechanism of counteraction to fracture of SIALs under influence of flame was established. The results of tests have also shown, that SIAL (GLARE) may be used as firewall applications

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УДК 620.194.2:669.71
Khokhlatova L.B., Kolobnev N.I., Antipov V.V., Karimova S.A., Rudakov A.G., Oglodkov M.S.
Effect of corrosion medium on the fatigue crack growth rate in aluminium alloys

The fatigue crack growth rate (FCGR), as the standard material characteristic, is determined in air under the laboratory conditions, as for the natural conditions the fatigue crack is propogated under the effect of the ambient corrosion medium which leads to decreasing the material endurance and cyclic safety factors. The effect of corrosion medium on FCGR of Al alloys, including Al–Li alloys have been also studied.

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УДК 628.517.2.699.844
Syty Y.V., Sagomonova V.A., Kislyakova V.I., Bolshakov V.A.
Novel vibroabsorbing materials

The vibroabsorbing materials are used for decreasing the negative effect upon passengers, pilots and aircraft electronics. VIAM produces vibroabsorbing materials based on thermoplastics and thermoelastoplastics, possessing high damping properties.

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