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УДК 669.018.44:669.017.165:
Letnikov M.N., Lomberg B.S., Ovsepyan S.V.
Investigation experimental alloys based on NI–AL–CO ternary system for development a new high-temperature intermetallic alloy for disk application

The result of studies of the structure, phase composition and mechanical properties of the experimental alloys based on ternary Ni–Al–Co system for development a new intermetallic disk alloy are presented.

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УДК 621.791.3
Rylnikov V.S., Afanasiev-Khodykin A.N., Galushka I.A.
Technology of braze design type «blisk» from dissimilar alloys

In the article the problem of producing high-strength permanent connection of dissimilar alloys intermetallic alloy monocrystal VKNA-4Y and deformed nickel superalloy EP975 in relation to the construction type «blisk». The processes occurring in the process of diffusion brazing and soldering behavior of the alloying elements and solder in the solder materials and brazed heat-affected zones.

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УДК 678.026
Solntsev St.S., Rosenenkova V.A., Mironova N.A., Solovyova G.A.
High-temperature coatings for fibers substratum

Consideration high-temperature erosion and functional of coatings for heat-protection, heat-insulation and pack condense materials made of quarts, glass and metallic fibers, filamentary crystals and technology coatings.

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УДК 678.8
Donetskiy K.I., Kogan D.I., Khrulkov A.V.
The use of technology of braiding in production of structural elements of polymer composites materials

Currently, the use of technology of polymer composites materials using braided preforms, mastered a number of foreign companies, and has applications in both aerospace engineering, and in a number of civilian industries. These are characterized by materials considerable resistance to delamination and impact, high fatigue performance, high strength near the holes. The use of braided preforms can simplify the problem compounds in prefabricated structures allow for the automation of production, provide high speed and efficiency of the manufacturing process the polymer composites materials.

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УДК 667.621.262.2:629.7.018.4
Grinevich A.V., Petrova A.P.
Joining materials of different types used in constructions subjected to pulse loadings

The present investigation was aimed to joining materials of different types used in constructions subjected to pulse loadings. It was stated that the conventional approach to the selection of high-strength adhesive medium does not provide the required level of workability of adhered joints. To solve this problem, the joining technique based on application of an adhering layer with a high deformation capacity is offered. In the course of experiments it was verified that the behavior of adhered constructions under pulse loading depends on the elasto-plastic properties of materials subjected to joining.

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УДК 629.7.018.4
Erasov V.S., Nuzhny G.A., Grinevich A.V., Terekhin A.L.
Crack growth resistance of aviation materials in fatigue testing

In this paper was proposed a solution of problem determination moment of formation main fatigue crack by the use of resonance test machine. Method of determination cycle number that main crack is form and methods of prediction residual life were offer. Experimental data about determination moment of formation main fatigue crack in aluminum alloys was show.

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